kernunnos23 (kernunnos23) wrote in seventh_horse,

Art from David Aronson

I invite everyone to have a look at my website, The Alchemical Wedding. Thanx.

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FREAKY! i'm likin it!
Great!!! Thanx! :-)
i friended you i hope that's okay!
i discovered that you have troves of work just hiding in places behind more pages on your site.

your student's work is soo cute. last month i came across stuff from my childhood i've never seen... even secret notes in 2nd grade that said, 'i'd rather be drawing'-and i don't remember noticing i cared about art that much then to take the time to even write it as a thought in really bad kid handwriting. it's insane where you end up. i bet you're a great teacher:)
Of course it's okay--thanx for your interest... Glad you liked the student's work. Unfortunately, I never get the best stuff, because the kids always keep it, so this doesn't really represent the great stuff my students do. I am actually a pretty good teacher, but only when I have genuinely interested kids.