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Hello all, I've been needing to find places to post my dreams, hopefully this will be a good place. I rarely have anything that could be considered normal, and hate to keep them to myself. I had this one a few nights ago.

The person I was playing was getting married. I was on a yacht or some sort of cruseship, on the way with all my guests to the spot the reception was going to be. My groom and I were to be married on the boat and then go on land to party. Unforunately I found out that he was not only having an affair, but it was with his best man. Needless to say, the wedding was called off.

For some reason though, I still went to the reception with everyone. Groom, Guests and all. I was completely miserable, but at least I wasn't actively crying. I remember some vague scenes of standing in line for the buffet table, and watching some kids perform like we were at some kind of talent show. Then by some mean twist of my mind I end of sitting next to him, a parady of our wedding. I think I was having thoughts of trying to work things out anyway, that it couldn't really be that bad, when the best man comes up and starts making out with my groom right next to me. I burst into tears again, and start cursing the groom. Telling him that I've been in love with him since i was a child (apparently we were childhood friends), how could he do this to me and then continue weeping. The best man totally ignores me and says to the groom, "Well you've managed to completely distroy a woman, that's not easy to do" and then congrautates him. I believe this is where I lost it.

You know those horror movies where the victim can never fun fast enough to out run the Evil that is calmly (yet menously) walking towards them? Yeah, I was Evil. I remember crawling over the table and over something else and just kept crawling (in the wedding dress mind you) towards him. And just like every good helpless victim he trips and trys to crab-walk backwards. I of course catch him and start to crush his wind pipe, I wasn't going to kill him though. Oh no. I was telling him that I was going to crush him. The whole strangulation was to get my point across so he would believe me, and fear me. As I woke up I was dreaming of cutting up his face with a knife, and telling my groom I had plans for him too.

My half awake, half asleep mind kept dreaming and re-dreaming. I came up with the idea of killing the best man in front of all the wedding guests so that they would have to convict me and sentence me to death by electricution. My last words would be to my former groom, "You really are all to blame for the death of two people. But don't think it all stops here." Then I attatch my ghost to him and drive him insane.

*Two strange things I forgot to mention. The reception party was in the old gym of my old church/elemetary school, and even though this was my wedding I was completely alone. There I was in a party and being ignored by everyone.*
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