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Driving Mishaps

*pokes community* I like this community, but am too retarded to remember I belong and can post. >v<

I just recently got my Learner's Permit a few months ago (July) and have had quite a bit of practice driving. (For instance, the day after I got my permit my mom and I left to go on a 3,500 mile roadtrip. And whenever my mom and I go somewhere, unless I'm not sober, I'm driving.) I haven't had too many dreams where I'm driving, but when I do, they're usually pretty weird. Last night was one of those times....

My parents had gone somewhere and I knew they wouldn't be back for several hours. I was sitting around at home bored, so I decided to go for a drive. I was going to go to the lake to relax and think. I knew I didn't have my license and couldn't drive around legally, but I've driven around without my permit (not alone, but this is a dream. and my rational bends in strage ways) so I figured 'what the hell do I care?'

So I jumped in the car and headed off to the lake. But as soon as I got on the interstate, there weren't many people around. I put the car on cruise control and just let my mind wander. Then for some reason I pulled out a book and set it in my lap and started reading it. This was dumb, but I was enjoying the book.. and I didn't realize just how dumb it was until I thought, "Wow. This stretch of interstate is a lot longer than I remember." When I look up and realize, oh that's right, I haven't been paying attention and have gone about 30 minutes passed the exit I was going to get off of.

It sort of made me panic when I saw the lights and billboards of Slidell ahead of me, and I don't know why. I figured I'd just turn around in Slidell and head back home. But as I got into the city it suddenly got really difficult for me to steer the car, and there was a big sign thing in the lane I was in. So I was going to switch into the lane next to me, but it was all of a sudden raining and I couldn't turn the wheel far enough to go into the lane without hitting the sign. So I hit the sign and I'm thinking, "whatever, I'm fine. This car is like a whale." Because it is. It's a motherfucking huge Dodge Intrepid. So I'm sort of between the two lanes and I cannot for the life of me get into that left lane. And there's ANOTHER sign. Which I hit.

I look in my rearview mirror and see a police car. At this point I know I'm fucked. So I think if I just keep it cool and drive normally I won't get pulled over. But it's really hard for me to stay in my lane.. like I keep drifting.. as if there's some force that just.. will not let me stay in that lane. So I look across the lanes and behind me and determine it's safe to cross to the far right lane. I do. Then that lane ends, so I get into the lane next to it. How annoying, I thought.

Then there was an exit, and I thought I'd get off on that one, but I didn't know where it went, so I just went to the next. The city abruptly ends, the cars are all gone, I'm driving on a two lane highway on the edge of a forest. And there's a traffic circle ahead. ....We don't have traffic circles here. But how convenient, right? So I'm going around the traffic circle, but the cop does his little annoying noise thing, so I pull over. I'm exhausted from this horrible driving experience and I'm about to get caught without a license, but I wake up.

I always wake up at times like these. It's comforting, because I never have traumatizing or really bothersome dreams much anymore, but I sometimes wish I'd kept dreaming just to see what would happen.
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